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© Christine TURNAUER - Sunita and her mother Iliria, Roma Gurbeti, Fushe, Kosovo, 2016, Courtesy KLV Art Project

Christine Turnauer

The Dignity of the Gypsies and an Homage to my friend Gitanos

15 April – 9 June 2022


Curated by KLV Art Project
Fondation Manual Rivera-Ortiz, Arles
In partnership with the Forum Culturel Autrichien

This exhibition The Dignity of Gypsies gathers photographs taken by Christine Turnauer between 2011 and 2016, initially in India – to where we can trace back the roots of the Gypsies, then in Eastern Europe, where her travels took her to Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kosovo and Montenegro. The different trades photographed create a bridge between the Indian nomads and the Gypsies of Eastern Europe. All her travels have given rise to inspiring and moving photographs.

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